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Which Terminator: Pentagon presents the Humanoid Robot that will enter its ranks

It looks like a video game that has gone viral, but it is not. Atlas, as this humanoid robot has been called, would be the most advanced robot that the India Phone Number List US government would have, which was created to carry out rescues of people in natural disasters, but which would soon be part of the ranks of the US military. Meet this android who is sure to give a lot to talk about.

With a height of 1.88 meters, a weight of 150 kilos, 28 joints that work by hydraulic action and a very advanced operating system, Atlas is the most imposing and advanced humanoid robot in terms of technology, created by the Defense Research Projects Agency Advanced (DARPA). It is designed to emulate human movements in such a way that it is not a problem for you to walk, climb stairs, jump or balance when struck by a blunt object.

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It has a camera and radar system to have a very broad vision and to be able to react efficiently to any adversity. DARPA is still working on this robot that does not yet have an autonomous power source, so at the moment it can only perform tests inside the workplace, where it is powered by cables. This will undoubtedly be resolved soon and Atlas will be able to join the American rescue forces.

Good or bad, the publicity for America’s military inventors has been overwhelming. With more than a million and a half views, the video has gone viral. However, the Phone Number List construction of this robot is still controversial, which in addition to saving lives in rescues, could take them away if it is used as a ‘soldier’ ​​in the military. It even gives to think that in some near future the wars could be based on robots, evoking a book by Ray Bradbury. What is your opinion of this invention?

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