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Some data that can help understand why Facebook gaming needs to achieve greater competitiveness against this platform are: More than 50% users spend more than 20 hours a week on the platform. Twich has more than 15 million daily viewers. 72% of all streaming hours viewe worldwide are viewe on Twich . It has more than 2 million registere content creators. 43,000 of them issue on a regular basis. How Facebook gaming works How the new Facebook app for gaming works Seeing the current scenario, Facebook has wante to improve its video game streaming services.

So It Sounds Like A Simple Practice

For this reason, it has now release the version of Facebook gaming for mobile devices with a large number of features. Regarding the operation of the application, as soon as you enter for the first time, it will ask you to select your favorite Norway Phone Number List games . In the same way, it will also offer you suggestions of other streamers to follow. Its sections are divide into different tabs for news, videos, gaming group posts, live streams, messages, and games. As for the possibilities it offers, these are the most outstanding: 1.- Go Live: the new functionality to broadcast your games.

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The Problem Is In The Action

The most remarkable function of the new mobile application is the possibility of making live broadcasts of the live games of games install List Provider on the phone . To do this, you need to press the camera button that is locate both at the bottom right and at the top left of the main page. 2.- Access broadcasts from other gamers In the same way, thanks to Facebook gaming you can access millions of streaming videos. View the broadcasts of the most popular video games and follow your favorite streamers easily. In addition, you can watch live games and participate with comments. This allows you to interact with other gamers through the chat available on the right of the screen.

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