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There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has change many routines and, among them, the work routine. This has cause companies and businesses to reinvent themselves in the face of this situation. Confinement is a great opportunity to exploit digital commerce from the comfort of home. We must look for the positive side of the crisis. But to achieve this, it is necessary to structure a good marketing strategy that will help you achieve your goals. According to the I Barometer ” Covid-19 and Marketing ” carrie out by Good Rebels.

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With the collaboration of the Marketing Association of Spain, it is clear that for 71.88% of marketing and communication professionals surveye one of the factors with greater weight in super digitization will be the new consumption habits at home . They Hong Kong Phone Number List assure that this will last after the end of the confinement and will accelerate Home-Driven Marketing, a discipline that will have to be taken into account in the medium term. What is Home-Driven Marketing? Home-Driven Marketing Chart Before going deeper into this topic, it is necessary to know what home-driven marketing is.

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It is about creating and publicizing products and services that were designe to be consume at home. This will bring up a number of media that will replace the out-of-home . It will work with a new menu of options that will be seen through the different List Provider screens and devices you have at home. Times of change are coming where consumption habits are alter and, in some cases, such as streaming at home, they increase exponentially. Also the massive use of home services, be it food, deliveries, among others. All this will increase its boom couple with teleworking , telemedicine or online training . The era of home-driven marketing is here to stay. So it will not be strange to see that at the end of the confinement, many of these practices will remain.

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