Are You in the Club(House)?

Somewhere you can network with people in the same industry across the world or meet local people A Complete List of Unit Phone Numbers with similar interests . Then maybe Clubhouse is for you the new FOMO inducing social media app that has really got people talking .


literally After a year of zooms


And vlogs and instar lives a platform that is solely for speech is a welcome relief ! BugHerdAn campaign Dan 2022With no camera on you don’t have to worry about eye contact what you’re wearing or where you are . You can talk on Clubhouse while you’re doing the dishes breastfeeding .


Commuting working from your bed

 Complete List of Unit Phone Numbers

Because it’s too cold to get up or even when you’re out for a run weirdo ! What’s It All About ? I first heard of Clubhouse a few weeks ago when someone sent me a message saying I could join them in the Clubhouse to do some networking . Being in Liverpool  I was confused . I replied with ‘sounds great but isn’t the Clubhouse closed cos of the lockdown ? I’d kill for hanging kebab right now though ’.

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