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Social Selling selling with social networks
If you haven’t heard of Social Selling , it may be a bit late, but you still have time to implement it in your business. Is it a marketing strategy? Yes, but the main difference is that there is an integration with the use of social networks. And we are not talking about selling on social networks, but about selling with social networks .The ultimate objective of Social Selling has to do with customer loyalty , creating a bond that goes beyond the purchase or branding itself, and being able to satisfy their needs in a more friendly way that adds much more value to customers. . In this blog post we tell you how to implement a good Social Selling strategy in your business. social selling

Social Selling: What is it and what is it for?

Social selling has the. Ultimate goal of selling on social. Networks , but in the process lasting. Relationships and links with our potential. Customers are fostered and created. Yes, but how? In social. Selling, interaction on social networks. Plays a fundamental role , since. It is what will help us develop our. Relationship with our clients. They are going Kenya Phone Number List to serve us. As a space, and as a channel, and. They are the fundamental tool to build. Our relationships with clients. Facebook, instagram, linkedin. Twitter, snapchat, and. Other social networks where. Our potential customers are are the. Most popular when thinking. About social selling strategies.

It is a strategic. Process to get to know our clients. Better, their needs, understand. What they are talking about and. Thus be able to provide greater and. Better value as a brand and business, resulting. In better attention, communication. And solutions to our clients’ problems.

The role of social networks in Social Selling

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We already know the traditional sales techniques: calls, face-to-face visits, emails that reach the spam box, among others. Social Selling is a different sale . And why do we think they can outperform traditional techniques? Because it allows vendors or the business itself to establish a relationship directly with their customers. Through what already exists: social networks. As a first step, we recommend you make a diagnosis of your own social networks. Where does my business have profiles? If I am clear about my target audience and I know their interests and preferences, it will probably be easier for me to understand which digital platform they are on for my Social Selling strategy.

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