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Marketing will mainly focus on creating persuasive content to sell products or services. Starting from the process of creating Brand Awareness to the step that makes customers decide to buy without focusing on creating content to help customers CX Writing – will include customer service and marketing together. It is considere a holistic strategy to build long-term customer relationships . Why is CX Writing Important? In today’s era, doing CX Writing is very important because if the brand can Make the target audience have an impressive experience.

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Feel important They have the opportunity to become customers, which eventually leads to sales and a good image of the brand. Picture from pubs.asha Therefore,  time to studying and developing CX Writing strategies for our brands. to create a feeling of trust for China Phone Number customers According to Dimension Data, 84% of companies that care about customer experience will see significantly higher revenues. How to Apply CX Writing in Content Marketing When producing content, don’t just think about what words you’re going to write about. But look at the bigger picture, for example, do we write well what we want to communicate or not, including thinking about if the followers read or watch those contents.

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What kind of feelings should they have? Simply put, it is content production base on Empathy to understand customers. Mainly There are 3 things that List Provider marketers should remind themselves in doing CX Writing: 1. Value : When writing any content, always ask yourself i really want to read. 2. Experience : We should provide our customers with good experiences and positive feelings. Not accidentally doing anything that causes them to feel dissatisfie in any aspect. 3. Easy to read : Our content should be easy to digest. Read and understand the first time.

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