Start With An Analysis

That does not make it any easier to perform in the areas that the research group believes are essential for the future. Such as Improving the customer experience (31%) Rapid response to market changes agility. Multichannel Marketing and Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List Communications (21%) Rapid, sweeping changes and urgent market demands also go hand in hand.

With a lack An Analysis

Because a quarter has no insight into the status of projects and productivity (25%). A fifth do not know what the company strategy is (22%) and do not know whether and how his or her work contributes to the company result (21%). Sub-optimal organization means that most of the time is spent. On meetings (21%) and e-mail (10%), a lot of time is fragmented over routine obligations.

Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List
Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List

An Analysis direction and structure

Think of searching for (company) information, interruptions by customers, suppliers, and colleagues, and ad hoc work. And so only a fifth of the working time left for the core task (17%). Then it makes sense for work to become ad hoc and turn inwards within the organization. And that the core of the matter, the creation of market demand, disappears to sixth place.

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