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Years old and most likely to buy products via website. Most which are access through mobile devices Based on the information above, brand. A marketers can optimize their marketing campaigns by: Create ads to target audiences aged 25-35. Ads re optimized to on mobile devices. Create ads via Social Media including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. By consider channels from third party data that has been researched to best suit the main target group. Create. Creative Ads to suit the audience you want to see by conducting A/B Testing to create an advertising campaign that meets. The target audience. 2. Segment Email list Image from. Email Marketing is another way to communicate with customers. This is a CRM tool that can store follower information.

The following benefits

The marketers can segment their followers to offer products or services that are suitable for their followers with different interests. Purchase History or order history To present products via Email appropriately. Time of Purchase or the time Anhui Phone Number when buying a product Purchasing Behavior or buying behavior can be divided according to the suitability of the business, such as Consumers who like to buy promotional products, consumers with a large quantity of orders per time, etc. General demographic information such as gender, age, education, etc. By doing Email Marketing Segmentation like this, it will help marketers to increase conversion rate or chances to close more sales, open rate or higher email open rate and reduce unsubscribe click rate.

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Reduce customer acquisition

Website Personalization Image from Website Personalization It is the process of customizing a website in accordance with the user’s needs.and interest in different products In order for every click to the brand’s website to be List Provider most effective, it requires Website Personalization. to present information or products to meet the suitability of customers obtained from collecting information, sure enough by making a Website Personalization It has Helps cost or the cost of acquiring customers.

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