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The visual language of that time still Uruguay Phone Number contains important lessons. A tour of the Mauritshuis quickly yields valuable lessons for social marketers: 1. Don’t present yourself better than you are Portraits were an important art form for 16th- and 17th- century painters. It gave people the Uruguay Phone Number opportunity to show their status. Moreover, it also had a practical function: the portrayed could present himself to potential marriage partners. In that sense it was comparable to, for example, a service like Tinder now. However, both modern image techniques and a painted portrait have a major pitfall: you can pretend to be more Uruguay Phone Number handsome than you are. Robert Cheseman, an English nobleman who had himself portrayed by Hans Holbein the Younger, also fell into this trap.

Human Anatomy Uruguay Phone Number

Holbein was not only Uruguay Phone Number commissioned to paint him, but also the portrait of a potential future wife. However, he painted this woman just a bit more beautiful than reality. Cheeseman fell for the woman in the painting , but was disappointed when he met her in person. The marriage Uruguay Phone Number still took place, but Cheeseman never consummated it and divorced again after a few months. Holbein’s career was sidetracked by this deception. 3 people looking at a painting. Hidden in this anecdote is one of the most important lessons for social marketers: be authentic. By adopting a human, sincere and ‘real’ attitude, you gain trust. Trust that Uruguay Phone Number you don’t lose that easily when you make false promises or present a company, brand or product better than it actually is.

Uruguay phone number

Receiving a Lesson Uruguay Phone Number

Use the right visual language and Uruguay Phone Number symbols In addition to portraits, group portraits were also a very popular subject at that time. Rembrandt, of course, mastered this art form down to the last detail. At the age of 25 he painted the famous ‘The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp’, a group Uruguay Phone Number portrait of surgeons receiving a lesson in human anatomy. The anatomy lesson of Dr. Nicolas Tulip The painting is full of symbolism. This escapes most viewers from this time, but is clear for the original target group: surgeons in the 17th Uruguay Phone Number century . The painting was intended for an Amsterdam surgeon’s room. A space that was not accessible to others.

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