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One quarter mobile traffic, suspected of being fraudulent

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One quarter mobile traffic, suspected of being fraudulent

Bots and spam are every marketer’s nightmare. A plague that spreads through the online medium, decimating the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. According to the Netherlands Mobile Database latest report published by Solve Media, during the first quarter of the year, traffic considered suspicious, due to non-human behavior, coming from bots, still represents 55% of the total registered through the computer.

The positive note is that it has managed to decrease by 6% since the last quarter of 2013 (61%). A fact that might not be representative, since we are talking about the Christmas season, the strongest time in terms of sales and, therefore, of advertising investment. Netherlands Mobile Database

In the case of mobile devices, this fraudulent percentage is notably lower, although no less alarming, standing at 24%.

This means that a quarter of the ad spend on mobile devices, and more than half of that directed to the traditional computer, is wasted, due to fraudulent clicks caused by spam and bots.

To draw these conclusions, Solve Media has analyzed the online advertising activity of 10,000 publishers, through its platforms aimed at display, video and mobile advertising.

Is there a way to stop these fraudulent clicks?

In the words of Ari Jacoby, CEO of Solve Media, large advertisers have the ability to pressure publishers to improve their techniques to fight spam. These Brother Cell Phone List are millionaire investments, which should not be allowed to waste. To do this, they should demand greater controls, as well as better data on the effective impact of their actions.

Actually, it is not easy to end bots and spam, which resurface every day with new techniques and pernicious strategies, but it is undoubtedly necessary, in order to ensure the viability of the medium and, with it, improve credibility in the online advertising.

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