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Make the brand more creibility Make the brand get better sales when reviewing the product through social meia. And able to create engagement very well in other. Channels What brands should plan to do User-Generate Content is looking for real users to. Help review products. They may do Challenge campaigns, participate in new product reviews, or pick up content. That customers have seen as examples on the website. Image via Rightmetrics. 14 Pay attention to Page Spee spee on. Website It’s something that the brand has to keep in mind at all times.

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This is because the spee of website processing affects SEO and user experience. If users have problems accessing the web page. or slow web download  to change their mind to visit competitor websites as well. Websitebuilderexpert Indicates that page spee affects your business as follows: 14% of customers tend to switch to another online shopping website if the Switzerland Phone Number website they are using lags. In the next few months, as we enter the year 2023, STEPS Academy would like to volunteer to bring everyone to update on the trend of Digital Marketing in the coming year. to prepare our business to develop and meet the nees of customers even.

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According to Forrester, a business strategy consulting firm, in 2023, many companies around the world will spend more than US $ 146 billion on digital marketing (approximately 5.5 trillion baht). Businesses around the world are intereste in strategizing List Provider through Digital Marketing . Let’s see which digital marketing trends are interesting and how to apply them to our business. To help businesses expand, increase sales and reach more customers. 1. Data collection trend through customer chats picture from novochat According to a study by McKinsey, a leading global consulting firm, personalize marketing has made it easier for 76% of customers to make informe purchase decisions.

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