Minimal Simplification: Practice a Thinking Framework – Golden Circle Thinking (WHY-WHAT-HOW)

A mistake I made when I first got into framework thinking was that the more frameworks I mastered, the more complex the better. So I read a lot of books, such as “Structural Thinking”, “The Pyramid Principle” and “Systematic Thinking”, “The Beauty of Systems” and so on.

Although these books are worth reading, for beginners, there will be a feeling of reading college textbooks in elementary school, and the brain thinks that they understand, but the actual foundation has not yet been laid, and the understanding is biased, but the efficiency will become lower.

After all, our purpose is to solve problems efficiently, not to master more thinking frameworks. It is better to practice one move 10,000 times than to practice 10,000 moves. Bruce Lee is already so powerful in martial arts, and he still practices the seemingly simple basic skills such as zapping horse steps every day.

In fact, internalizing the golden circle thinking is not as easy as we think, easier said than done. How to practice golden circle thinking? Answer: keep applying, keep asking and answering, until you find the most essential reason. As shown below:

Minimal Simplification: Practicing a Presentation Framework – Total Score (Total) Structure

After we have conceived a problem with golden circle thinking, the more important thing is to present the idea. The problem that needs to be focused on here is how to make it easy for others to understand what we want to express.

Here is a framework that we have taught us from New Zealand Mobile Number elementary school teachers: total score total structure. In fact, many times a method can be used to the extreme to solve 80% of the problems. So how to use the total score (total) structure to express it?

In the book “Pyramid Principles”, four principles are summarized: conclusion first, upper and lower, categorization and grouping, and logical progression. I take the writing logic of my article as an example:

This article of mine is actually a demonstration of the simplest application of the thinking framework: what is it? Why? How to do it? Then I will use these three points as the directory of my article. So how do you answer the questions in the directory?

Conclusion first (total)

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Conclusion first means that the title of each answer in the category must be a conclusion. The content under the title is an expanded description of this conclusion.

For example, in the title why section, I started from the dimensions of looking at problems, making decisions, and thinking to find out why to improve efficiency, but my title must be my conclusion, such as “see the essence of the problem clearly, don’t get caught in the details and waste time. “, rather than “from the point of view of the problem”.

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