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In conclusion, the use of white hat seo and black hat seo techniques turned out to have a serious impact on our website. Now is the time for us to create quality, good and correct content so that it is mutually beneficial and provides added value to visitors. If we have a long-term online business then we need to avoid negative things that have an impact on the continuity of our business going forward.

Thus the discussion that i can share


with my friend, hopefully it will provide added value and useful information for my friend. If you are interested in creating a website and starting an online business, i recommend you to visit wunik.id there also provides website creation and seo services that will help increase your business success.hello friends idwebhost how are you? Must be awesome full of enthusiasm today. This time i will discuss about implementing

seo to get the first rank of google search search. Before entering the discussion, let’s look at the definition and understanding of seo itself. The definition of seo is to have an abbreviation (search engine optimization), which is the most important thing to get the first rank on google search. More specifically, a technique used by webmasters to optimize websites, blogs, or sites.


The goal is to get the first rank on search engines like google, bing, and yahoo.

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And now the competition to get the first google search ranking is very tight. Every day thousands of article content is posted with various seo techniques applied

by webmasters. Why is the competition for google search rankings so tight? Because every article title that gets or appears on the first page of Greece Phone Number a search is certainly an opportunity to get very big profits from

website traffic. Just imagine that every time we search for certain

keywords, for example “cheapest website creation services” then what is on the google search

page will appear various interesting choices to visit, especially at the top. This is what determines the success of our website.

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