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This caused by the ravages generated by the current pandemic and by social distancing. which has caused the world economy to stop. directly affecting all sectors. development. in turn limiting the growth of industry and the general economy; however. on the other hand. during the last few years various sectors have grown. which have benefited in part and have been forced to undergo forced and accelerated development. primarily seeking digital immersion. Data provided by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). indicates that the industrial production of Mexico presented an approximate growth of 4.8 percent. in recent years.

Or that it reflects an improvement within the sector. this is due in part to the change in the global epidemiological traffic light. which has allowed the industrial sectors to begin a recovery. allowing the new normality to begin to be formalized. Axes on which the development of the national industry will focus For KPMG. there are several sectors that will have to pay primary attention in the coming years. which will directly benefit the continuous development of national industries . thus promoting the recovery of the national economy. directly impacting well-being. from the pocket of Mexican families.

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An important sector for the development of Dominican republic phone number in Mexico are small and medium-sized companies. data provided by the INEGI . indicate that this sector generates at least 52 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). in addition to creating at least 7 out of 10 jobs ; however. it is also pointed out that at least 70 percent of these businesses close before reaching 5 years. therefore taking into account the strengthening sectors of the industry . benefiting the correct development of companies. as mentioned by data provided by Aspel.  A key sector for the development of industries in the coming years will be investment within financial aspects.

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As well as information care. giving priority to consumer safety. preventing fraud and theft. as well as money laundering. Manufacturing consists: Having a regulation will be essential in. The coming years. since consumers will feel confident to relate to regulated companies. Which have licenses and permits and allow manufacturing before the competent authorities. Effective trade: within the search for options aware of the development of the industry. The regulation of products. according to the standards imposed by the competent authorities. Will be increasingly important.

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Because today’s consumers seek reliability by part of the companies. Development and investment in technology: Within the search for a new growth strategy for industries. Investment in development and leveraging of modern technology. As well as constant training of personnel. is a relevant part of correct effective planning. Now read Euphoria is unleash among music lovers by dynamics on. Twitter to go see the Foo Fighters at the Sol Forum Cookieless environment. How the region’s publishing market is preparing for the. New context Trick to send audios on WhatsApp with the voice. Of the characters of Dragon Ball Z BBVA and Banco Azteca in the lead. Users indicate effectiveness in options to withdraw cash.

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