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The two came up with the idea that giving each other pictures would be a good gift. Because most people would keep their own photos and not throw them away. In the beginning, SOdA PrintinG still uses only Photoshop to sharpen images. and also use. Supply Outside suppliers produce goods for But with the problem of delay Both production and delivery timelines SOdA PrintinG decide to invest in printers. and write their own code to use the system to adjust the image to make it takes only 3 minutes for 1 image to be made, instead of 15 minutes for each image, with the ability to save time in production like this. Therefore, customers will receive the product within 2-3 days only, which is a key strength of the business.

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Meet the of modern customers who focus on spee. Image from SOdA PrintinG. Business expansion from expertise and strengths of the business In addition to canvas prints, SOdA PrintinG also brings this expertise to create printe fabric products. For Finland Phone Number example, during the first phase of the Covid-19 situation, SOdA PrintinG has release a product as a printe fabric mask. To meet the nees of teenagers who, even wearing masks, still want to enjoy dressing up. SOdA PrintinG takes the opportunity to collaborate with a seamstress who has just lost his job from a factory in Phetchaburi. What SOdA PrintinG does to help all parties Win-Win is that in addition to being able to produce masks during the time of shortage. It has also contribute to society through creating income-generating jobs for many seamstresses.

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Later has a Thai fabric project with National Research Office (NRCT) and Silpakorn University To develop products and continue to push the arts, culture, local wisdom to the international level. Through the form of contemporary Thai fabrics in the List Provider concept of “Thai fabrics can be worn every day” for all genders and ages, it is the soft power of jobs, create jobs and nourish the community economy. Image from SOdA PrintinG. Expanding your business with SHOPTER, a new platform that will make it easier for people to open their own brands. In 2021, SOdA PrintinG create the SHOPTER platform to help people .

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