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Keys to increasing the flow of users on Facebook

Facebook is far from dead, and it is that today it is still the most popular and visited social network. People still spend at least an hour each day checking its contents. That is why you will understand how important it is to increase the flow of users on Facebook for the Argentina Mobile Database good of your business.

The information that Facebook houses is infinite, and it is for this same reason that the network watches everything carefully to filter most of the content, so that the user is not bombarded. Due to this, positioning content and attracting users is increasingly difficult but not impossible.
Identify publication times

The more engagement a post receives, the more likely Facebook’s algorithm will reward it with increased reach.

Although it is a basic topic, it is very important to be able to time your publications perfectly. Posting when your followers are most active instantly increases the likelihood of getting likes and comments. It is not a myth, there are adequate schedules to publish on social networks that can give you an idea of ​​how to organize your publication calendar to achieve better results, you just have to research the web and study the publications that have had the most interactions on your fanpage. Without a good way to increase the flow of users on Facebook.
Content improvement

Although the creative process is not easy, there really are many things to exploit daily about the brand or product. The moment your content starts to feel repetitive or boring, your audience will disconnect. Try, where possible, to focus your Facebook content on your fans. It is obvious that they follow you because they like your brand, product or service, however that does not mean that they just want to hear from you all the time.

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You can get those ideas that you need so much by following the comments they make in the publications, speaking to them through humor or simply publishing a variety of content, even if it is not closely related to your business activity. Reinvent the way you address them and you will start to get different results.
Analyze popular posts

Most of the time the reactions of your followers are the key to understanding what to post.

En lugar de ver tus publicaciones exitosas como algo fuera de lo común, debes tomar medidas para lograr la misma interacción nuevamente. No se trata de adivinar, para estudiar qué factores influyeron revise sus análisis de Facebook para identificar qué es lo que está recibiendo el mayor alcance.
Prioritize comments and responses

Most people want to interact with brands, for this reason companies that respond to comments get more interactions, and manage to increase the flow of users on Facebook

If someone takes the time to comment on your content, they must return the interaction, because with this, in addition to expressing respect and interest, it sets the tone, since currently organic conversations with the public have become an expected activity, today they lend much attention to all comments.
Intensify visual content

Photos make up the vast majority of content on this social network, indicating that people prefer to interact with a visual element rather than a link or text.

If you want to improve engagement on Facebook, use more visuals and make sure it is specially created to accompany your content, showing the Brother Cell Phone List personality of your business. Don’t take it out of file bases that everyone uses.
Shorten your posts

The interest of your followers is maintained if your posts are attractive and above all short.

To guide you, consider the following types of publications:

Quick questions to followers.
Citations or statistics of an article that require a click to get more context.
Ingenious texts along with an image.

A simple and creative sentence is all you need to grab someone’s attention and guide them to click, winning interactions on Facebook don’t have to be complicated.
Take advantage of Facebook Live

People love to watch videos on Facebook, but nothing beats the impact and interest that Facebook Live generates. With these you can get 3 times more visits and reproductions.

Live videos are of greater interest to the viewer because they understand that they are ephemeral and that the content will not be available again, they create a strong sense of urgency in the viewers and make them pay more attention to what is being presented.

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