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From now on it will not be necessary to leave most of the work to the keywords. The contents can be written more naturally, without forcing keywords throughout the text. Web positioning requires optimize and quality content web positioning When it comes to digital marketing, it is clear that content is king. And the truth is that it is the main weapon of web positioning. Therefore, it is necessary to propose quality content that considers both the structure of your site and the internal link strategy , as well as the types of links you create.

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To improve your web positioning you must create relevant and valuable content. BERT represents a great advance. However, Google has made it clear that the quality of the content must remain a priority if you want to ensure the future of United Arab Emirates Phone Number List your business on the Internet. On the other hand, the positioning of long tail terms must also be taken into account. In fact, these are still about 70% of all search queries. In addition, it will help you build the authority of your website and improve the engagement of your content. Therefore, your ROI will also visibly improve in your analytics. What do you need to create quality optimize content.

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The objective of changing the mentality, since web positioning goes through our heads until the moment in which the content begins to be List Provider type. It is content that addresses an entire conversation holistically. To do this, you must go through this: Understand who your audience is and what their search process is like. Understand the intent behind the questions they ask or the problems they need to solve. Provide solutions or answers in the formats they prefer through accurate, quality and authoritative content. Run this way. At every stage of your journey to create a satisfying experience for your needs time and time again.

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