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If you want to check out the possibilities for yourself. you can sign up for a free trial; just follow the link below. What makes a company successful? Your product or service? The brand? Trends? No. Or rather yes. but not just one. but a mixture of all of them and some more. And. above all. the recipe to mix them. that is. the business model. The ability of companies to create innovative business models is their true differentiating value . which leads the brand to succeed. And her ability to renew it when necessary. which will keep her in the TOP positions of the rankings. You do not believe me? Surely by the time you finish reading this post. you will have changed your mind.

For a start… What is a business model? A business model is the business tool that defines the way in which resources are going to be converted into economic benefit. It is about being clear: what are we going to offer to the market how are we going to offer it who are we going to offer it to How will the income be generated? This information is the key to any entrepreneurial project. which investors will look at with a magnifying glass. It is one of the most important slides on a pitch deck . Create your interactive pitch deck In other words. the business model of a company is made up of the activities that are developed and the system that they follow to develop them.

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The structure that links these activities together Kenya phone number  and the agents that participate in the different steps of the process. Technology provides a large number of options when creating an innovative business model. although it can also be the trigger for change. that is. the cause that the company needs to reinvent itself. The flexibility and objectivity to question the current model will be of great help in these cases. Times change… but not so much The Internet has transformed our lives: we Google everything. we shop online. and we even have smart devices that turn the lights on and off in our homes. How much novelty! But if we think about it. we haven’t really changed that much.

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Have you stopped to think that there are more things that continue as usual than those that change? What happens is that those that change are more noticeable. We continue to have more or less the same needs as always: among others. to eat. to warm ourselves when it is cold and to light up at night. This has been the case since the dawn of humanity and will never change. Of course. before we hunted to eat and now we go to the market. But it is the form that changes. not the substance. What changes is not the needs but the way of satisfying them. A clear example: if you are hungry. you can eat a hamburger. a vegan salad. a tray of sushi… It is the same need with infinite ways to satisfy it.

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The same thing happens with business models. Creating innovative business models is not about looking for new needs. but rather new ways to satisfy the same old needs. My favorite example is Airbnb. What are you offering? Accommodation. a service to cover a need that has always existed. But thanks to technology . they have rethought the way this service is provided. As they say. it is the largest hosting company in the world and does not own a single real estate asset. Another example of this way of operating is neobanks . digital entities without a physical network that offer more attractive financial products for new generations. They do not charge commissions and allow access to the service through mobile apps . precisely the preferred channel of their target audience.

An example is N26. which already exceeds five million users in 26 countries. These examples show that by changing the focus of the business it is possible to innovate and obtain economic benefit no matter how competitive the market is and how established the activity is. It is not about inventing the wheel. but about finding the most advantageous way to offer it to the market. Why innovate in the business model? According to experts in business economics. creating new business patterns is the best way to face the challenges of a market as changing as the current one. For example. this recent study . which takes into account the opinion of different experts.

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