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Once you manage to catch them with at least 3 live seminars, you can start running them automatically. But it is important that you follow up to see if you are getting the expecte results. 3.- Evaluate the moment in which the audience is disconnecte webinar audienceKeep in mind that in these seminars there is a moment where there is a flight of people. You can’t just let it go, you need to do an analysis of why it’s happening. That part of the audience may lose interest, but that is when you should pay more attention to correct the mistake.

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However, being automate you have the advantage of editing the original video. How does this benefit you? You have the possibility to optimize it to have a higher quality material . But if you can’t eliminate the loss of interest and they keep Bolivia Phone Number List leaving, you have to modify the strategy. It is recommende that you offer the product or service that you want to sell or promote, before that point where they decide to leave. 4.- All metrics are important webinar metrics To be successful in any marketing action you want to apply, it is important to assess all the metrics.

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It’s okay for you to spend time studying the abandonment rate by the audience. However, it is not the only one that exists and the others are just as relevant. For example, you can analyze if the number of people who confirme their attendance List Provider is the same as the number of attendees. If it is a smaller amount, you have to evaluate if there is a problem in the input funnel . If you manage to find the fault, you must improve that aspect so as not to lose audience. 5.- Complement the automate with the direct Direct and automate webinars Surely you are thinking how the automatic can be joine with the direct one.

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