Do You Also Fall

If you want to grow personally or professionally, you often assume that mindset and discipline are the decisive factors. But in practice, we often overlook how big the role of focus and accountability actually is in this. This means that a lot of hidden Guatemala WhatsApp Number List costs are incurred because we use the term ‘accountability’ incorrectly when achieving success.

We can all Also Fall

But achieving goals is a different story. In practice, you confront with full agendas, overflowing to-do lists, and distractions. This ensures that you often get stuck in work that is (in our view) urgent. Work that is important, but not urgent, does not receive the attention it deserves. This is a well-known phenomenon, especially in growing teams.

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Also Fall set goals

You know you have to do something about this, but growth comes with operational pressure. And operational pressure in turn causes work on strategic objectives to fade into the background. That works like a vicious circle that you want to breakthrough, but which somehow doesn’t work out. This is often due to a lack of accountability.

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