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How to make a Bumper Ad step by step To create the best Bumper Ads, the basic thing is to know how to do them correctly. To do this, just follow a simple and intuitive process: Sign in to the Google Ads account that you normally use for your campaigns. Click on Campaigns in the page menu, click on the + button and select New campaign . Choose brand awareness and target reach . Select the video campaign mode. Choose Bumper . Type the name you want to give the new campaign. Set your budget. Select the networks where you want to show up, locations you want to target, the language of potential customers, and any other advance settings.

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Enter the name for the ad group. Enter your target CPM bid. Under Create your video ad , enter the URL of your YouTube video and follow the steps to create your ad. Remember that the duration of the video must be 6 seconds or less. In Video Tunisia Phone Number List Ad Format you have to select the Banner Ad option . Put the final URL of the video, the display URL and all the URL options. You can select whether you want to automatically generate the video companion banner or upload an image. The most recommend between the two is to opt for the first option.

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Put the name of the ad and finish by clicking on Save and continue. Tips to create the best Bumper Ads Now that you know what Bumper List Provider Ads are and how you can create them, you might be excite to get starte. It’s an ideal way to dive into YouTube advertising or level up an already successful campaign. Creating the best Bumper Ads will make you take a step ahead of your competitors. To do this, take note of the following nine actions to follow: 1.- Present your product quickly and clearly If you try to show too much in a short amount of time, you can end up confusing and overwhelming viewers.

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