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Marketing Automation can help in the. Sale Funnel by making automation from scratch when people who are interested in products or services come into the system. To the follow-up and increasing the opportunity to lead to close sales more easily 4.Improved. Engagement or customer service to improve customer care Automation systems help marketers in doing. Customer Service such as answering customer questions automatically. Better analysis and reporting Many tools for marketing automation can help in analyzing the data behind. The house to help present reports. Allowing marketers to extract information to develop strategies more efficiently.

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Guidelines for doing Business Marketing Automation After having understood Business Automation, in order to see a clearer picture and guidelines for applying it in business even more. The author has brought an example of doing Business Marketing Automation Qatar Phone Number from the Active  everyone as follows. 1. Retargeting (inducing repeat purchases) Retargeting or inducing repeat purchases It is a process of tracking customers by behavior, such as behavior on website, behavior on social media in order to create a process to encourage customers to buy appropriately, which can be divided into 2 main types as follows: Email Retargeting: Send timely personalized emails with topics that engage customers based on their recent behavior.

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Retargeting ads: Cookies are used to track website visits. and targeting through ads on platforms such as Facebook and Google in line with behavior on the website Image from automizy showing Flow of Sending Email Retargeting By Email Retargeting the format List Provider of work is as follows. Leads or customers come into the system base. The system will add tags to know from which channels the customers come from. or what are you interested in The email delivery system here is sending an email for the Ebook because the customer submits the information to receive.

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