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That is why the big companies in the world of finance are relying on tools like Acceso360 , owne by REBOLD . It’s also the solution of choice for journalists who use their automatically update portfolios to showcase their work and provide insights into what stories they’re looking for, their personal interests, and how they prefer to be presente. 2.- Google Alerts Google AlertsIt is ideal when you are looking for a free way to monitor the position of your brand name in the media. Or if you have a very limite public relations budget.

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Google alerts is a clipping tool with which you can easily and quickly stay on top of the conversation. You can also use Google alerts to track your competitors. This way you can stay on top of any press releases or news coverage they’re getting. Google Latvia Phone Number List alerts is one of the clipping tools that offers a summarize version of all the newsworthy news. Depending on your search intent, of course. 3.- Prowly clippingIt is a content platform that allows people to organize, publish and apply for media opportunities. The information is obtaine from current news reporte by the media. PR junkies can do it all from the Prowly app, which splits its features between two pieces of software.

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Brand Journal and Audience Pitch . The first thing you need to do is build your newsroom with Brand Journal. You can then distribute content and track results with Audience Pitch. 4.- Mention clipping toolsWith Mention you only have to List Provider enter the name of your company, the name of an executive or other information that you want to monitor, along with the sources or websites that you want to monitor. You can then receive notifications and emails on desktop or mobile when someone mentions your brand. Additionally, you can manage your social media accounts from the dashboard and reply, bookmark, or complete other actions through the dashboard.

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