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Take advantage of older posts: tips to revive them May 21, 2020 wording Brande & Content Marketing Did you like our article? 5/5 – (2 votes) take advantage of older posts Taking advantage of older posts is a good tactic to save time and effort in creating new materials in your content marketing . Most content creators are completely focuse on moving forward, spending several hours on new posts each week. They do a big blast of promotion for each article once they publish it. But then they quickly forget that it exists. However, it is likely that your case is different.

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Surely, more than once you have considere achieving the impact and conversions you receive a few months ago, after writing a post on your blog that motivate and engage the audience. But the effervescence of that post has already Egypt Phone Number List expire. Although, of course. It is true that the thing that discourages us the most, or worries us about writing a blog, is constantly creating new content. A blog must be kept up to date. Because, in addition, it is a commitment. Not only with your audience, but with yourself and with your brand. Why should you care about old blog posts.

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Revising, expanding, or reusing old content is always easier than creating a new article from scratch. It also offers built-in opportunities for internal linking , encouraging readers to spend more time on your blog. There are countless List Provider reasons why you should care about your old blog posts, but one of the main reasons is that Google likes new content . Google displays dates directly in its SERPs to show users when a piece of content was last update. Therefore, if you update old posts, Google will display the date you last modifie them on the results pages instead of the original publication date.

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