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Because of the search volume for the particular keyword it targets. (quite frankly. Some of our most profitable content pillars don’t target keywords with the highest volume. But those keywords bring in highly-qualified traffic. How do i know when a pillar is profitable? We’ll get to that shortly.) i also like to look at how all of our topic clusters are performing together — again. I want them to continue to grow together. Month-over-month. Typically.

As well as eye-catching linked resources embedded within the pillars themselves. Screen shot 2019-03-28 at 7.13.11 am for example. You can access our marketing interview questions pillar from a recent article i wrote about hiring a content manager — which you need to do. By the way. Screen shot 2019-03-28 at 7.13.55 am on our blogging tips guide. You’ll find called out resources scattered throughout. To take you to relevant. More in-depth content about a particular related topic.

Willing To Adjust Processes

We try to make them as sticky as possible by including a very visual cta on related cluster content (blog articles. Usually) that leads to a particular pillar. I use a rolling 30-day range in Quality Directors Email Lists the view i showed above to track that performance. Rather than the static month-over-month view. Since the length of a month varies. In this report. You can also track page views per session. If you scroll down below the chart — by default. It’ll be the number in the last column. I love this. Because it shows me how sticky a particular pillar or cluster is. Meaning. Once they land on a single page. They stay on our site to explore other pages. Rather than bouncing off.

Quality Directors Email Lists

Using the hubspot campaigns tool to track more interesting data i want to thank myself from last fall november 2018 liz murphy was really stinking smart. And the most important data i’ve gotten is because of what i did before i left for thanksgiving vacation. I had the ridiculously smart idea to create a global hubspot campaign that was attached to every single piece of pillar content i created. Not clusters. Mind you — just the pillars themselves. I wanted to see how influential these definitive guides were on their own. Here is why i absolutely love what i did.

Work With Hubspot Tools

Screen shot 2019-03-28 at 7.18.58 am i’ve blanked out a few of the numbers. Because a gal’s gotta have a little mystery about her — know what i mean? Since our sales team uses the hubspot crm to manage their sales pipeline. I am able to track how much money we’ve brought in for deals where a piece of pillar content was part of the equation. Meaning. I can say definitively that $195.448 in revenue was closed where a piece of pillar content was part of the equation since i created that campaign — which is a powerful way to see the roi of content.

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