At that time, around 2014 and 2015. The whole  wave of the internet had emerged, and the country also advocated entrepreneurship. The author is just in the career choice period of more than. 3 years after entering the workplace, and i plan to accept the test. Of the market wave and go to start-up. Companies to see if i can make a breakthrough.

Because company b is a start-up company. Resources in all aspects are relatively tight. And it also needs to face challenges from the market. Especially in the b-end market. It is not simply to make a product, but the b-end market is more. Inclined to complete services or solutions.

Although the author has

a certain understanding of hardware design in South Korea Mobile Number company A, it is still very challenging to choose the best technical route from the technical field in the face of new customer requirements.

During the work of company B, I was initially responsible for the overall design of hardware products. Later, with the extension of the business chain, I gradually did some technical pre-sales and writing solutions.

level and proposed

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Construction of a company to hit the market. some advices.From this point on, my vision began not only to focus on the R&D stage of B-side hardware products, but also to consider the end-to-end process of a product. From the initial business source, demand determination, product ID, technical framework, product software and hardware design, product production, product testing, product delivery, product maintenance and customer relationship maintenance, etc., how should B-side hardware products be? to do it.