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Customize and color code deal board cards this one actually came up in the hubspot agency partners facebook group recently and i loved it so much i had to bring it up. Gforan says. “why not make the information that shows on the deal board card up to the administrator. For us. The $ amount is not so important as the “last activity date”. I’d change it in a heart-beat if i could. And while you’re at it. Giving the option to make a card red to highlight it as “hot” would be great. Other colour codes would work.

How much time does your sales team spend “selling” — busy work can kill a good sales culture. Let’s never confuse “busy” with “results.” does your marketing strive to make sales look like stars? This episode’s sponsor. Cruise control by scripted this episode of the hubcast is brought to you by and its new automated content marketing product. Cruise control. Scripted’s cruise control solves the age old business question of. “how do i get a bunch more qualified traffic to my website?” everyone wants more traffic that converts into customers.

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Scripted writers can write the content for you. All you have to do is sit back and watch your traffic and business results grow. Learn more at hubspot wishlist. Scripted’s cruise control tells HR Directors Email Lists you exactly how to do that. It tells you what topics you can rank in google for. How many people search for that topic. And exactly what type of content you should publish in order to rank for that topic. After you publish the content. Cruise control tracks your rankings and traffic for that content. And best of all.

HR Directors Email Lists

Too.” vote it up! This would make the deal view so much better! Being able to customize what data shows up on the cards and do some color coding would be a game changer. Hubspot updates an api scare did you get an email this week about having cross-origin requests and needing to deactivate your api key and create a new one? If so you were part of a select group of people who likely had some mild panic attacks. If you didn’t get the follow-up email.

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Long story short it was a mistake. Until next time if you’re listening on itunes – head on over and leave us a review! We love hearing your feedback. So feel free to leave some in the comments. Or shoot me an email at until next time. This is carina duffy & marcus sheridan saying to you. Get out there and get after it! Structured data is quickly evolving from a nice-to-have feature for advanced site developers to a must-have item to help google understand your site. For those that don’t know.

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