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New enhancement reports enhancement reports provide a better view of existing errors for specific structured data elements on your website. When there is a known error with a piece of structured data. Google will send the site owner an email upon identifying it. But if an existing or known issue gets worse. Site owners will not be updated. For this reason. It’s important to check in on these reports to ensure that the time spent crafting these structured data elements is indeed working on search engines. The enhancement reports have the added benefit of viewing any errors or valid snippets by type.

Structured data (also called rich snippets/rich results/schema markup) are lines of code embedded in your web pages that explicitly tells google how you want elements of your website to appear in search results. From things like telling google what lines to pull in an effort to rank zero for a particular query. To showing a 5-star review under your search listing. It’s a great way to better control how your site is displayed for searchers. Free assessment.

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Google announced three new reports coming to search console to help site owners make the most out of structured data use. Website performance Payroll Directors Email Lists assessment as more people are using structured data on websites. There are more questions about its effectiveness. And if the code is successfully appearing as intended in serp listing. For this reason. Google has been rolling out dedicated reports to help site owners better understand their structured data performance and fix any errors. This week.

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So you can really zero in on if each is working. Once you have an enhancement (created by structure data) selected. You can view which pages are giving errors. Warnings. And which are valid and see the progression of fixes/worsening issues over time. As seen in the chart above. Previously. These reports were only available for the current snippet types. Event fact check job posting product q&a page recipe now. Google has added two new structured data types to these reports.

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Logos and sitetlink search box. Logos enhancement report site owners can use structured data to tell google what image to pull for the company logo. Where it will display in the box below. Logo-enhancement-report-google-search-console when you go into the logo enhancement report. You can see if there are any issues with your logo snippet. And track issues over time to ensure google is reading the snippet correctly. Sitelink search box enhancement report site owners can use this schema to add a search box under your serp listing in google that allows users to search your web pages without leaving the search engine.

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