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Disintermiation  (disintermediation) – in marketing is the removal of intermediaries from. The marketing channel, the value chain of movement of goods from the factory to the consumer. Disintermediation – this means doing everything possible to sell products directly to customers, and not through wholesale resellers.

There are four main reasons for the massive, in many market segments, observ process of rejecting intermediaries. The presence of these reasons is formulat in 4 types of disintermediation. So, there are:


Technological disintermiation– this is the elimination of a professional intermiary and its replacement. With a more technological scheme, device (vending trade, for example), sales technology, and besides. It does not even try to influence the sales (information) channel. The logical distribution, which is engaged in commodity distribution, “got through”. Today, the manufacturer perceives the distribution channel, not as a means. But as a distance between the buyer’s decision to purchase a a.

Professional disintermiation

Professional disintermiation is the elimination of a “person of influence”, a “freelance” intermediary who previously provid information, advice and contributed to the purchase decision with his authority. Today, a salesperson on the sales floor of a store who knows less about the product he sells than the manufacturer’s offsite page is no longer a beacon of knowledge and a Bahrain Phone Numbers guru. Finally, a smartphone in the hands of the buyer has put such a “seller” in his Loch’s place. The modern multiplicity of channels for obtaining information leads to the fact. That the client turns to the seller after studying the available information and making. A decision, and not so much for consultations, but to clarify some information. That is often sufficiently own by the manufacturer himself and which he has already manag to share with the buyer.

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Corporate disintermiation

Corporate disintermiation is express in the growth of the efficiency of the manufacturer’s business structures, the simplification of organizational structures with the distribution and consolidation of roles and rights in the organization. Today, the middle manager has more knowledge and experience, gets more opportunities and the right to make decisions. In other words, the functions of an intermediary and consultant become able to perform many managers of the manufacturer. And if earlier there were few such managers and they concentrat there. Where big money was quickly turned around – in distribution, today there are more sales specialists. The well-being of the manufacturer is growing, which can afford to train and motivate such specialists.

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