Quality Score Search engines use a complex formula to determine your cost-per-click (CPC), then multiply your maximum bid to determine your ad position to see where your ad ranks. Your Quality Score depends on a Switzerland WhatsApp Number List of factors, including: Your click-through rate (CTR). The relevance of each keyword to its ad group. Landing page quality and relevance. Relevance of ad text. remarketing Online advertising enables advertisers to show targeted ads to users who have previously visited your website. Visitors who have visited your site before will see these ads while browsing the web, watching YouTube videos, or reading news sites.

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This gives users the opportunity to click on your ad and return to your website to make a purchase. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (ALSA) A feature that lets you customize your search campaigns based on Switzerland WhatsApp Number List who have previously visited your site. Targeting and optimizing remarketing lists can drive high-quality customers to your website. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) A marketing metric that measures the loss and gain of an investment versus the amount of advertising (PPC) invested.

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This allows you to see if your campaign is paying off. Return on Investment (ROI) The ratio of investment gains or losses to the amount invested. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Paid ads that appear on search Switzerland WhatsApp Number List results pages. This process involves promoting a web property by using paid. Advertising such as PPC to increase its visibility in the SERPs. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) The process of improving the quality. Quantity of website traffic from search engines to a website. Web pages and other content are analyst and rank base on what search engines deem most relevant.