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Whether through a computer, a smartphone or any other device, the reality is that, as reported by said study, we spend more time online. That is why, if your activity is carried out through a mobile application or you are an app developer, the Apps Guide is ideal for you. You should know that this biannual publication has a circulation of more than nine thousand copies and registering for it is completely free. The new edition will be released in March 2022. The Apps Guide 2022 is divided into the following categories: Business Finance Lifestyle Travels News Entertainment Games Sports Social media Music Video Photography Graphic design Don’t miss the opportunity to reach the more than 11,500 subscribers of Merca2.0 magazine together with the March issue.

This is the most important edition in terms of scope and visibility, and with which you can reach the right hands: directors, owners and heads of companies and brands who are looking for the best partners to generate successful strategies. Toyota Mexico makes the best swing of the year and becomes a prominent sponsor of the Second Merca2.0 Golf Tournament. To promote the visibility and relevance of sport in Mexico, Toyota and Merca2.0 walk hand in hand in the second edition of the Golf Tournament organized by the leading marketing magazine.

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This, in order to unite business ties and Whatsapp Mobile Number List closely with the audience. The event will take place this March 30 at the Rancho Avándaro Country Club, in Valle de Bravo, where the talent and camaraderie of 102 golf players will be recognize, who, with putter in hand, will demonstrate the level of synchrony that exists between leaders of the industry. And it is precisely this connection that has made Toyota take on a more important role this year, above the spectator and the participant, as it becomes the official sponsor of the Merca 2.0 Golf Tournament. Are you looking for a job too? “It is a great honor to have the opportunity to be sponsors, because it is an alternative to be close to a specific audience related to agencies.

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Cristina Perkins, Toyota Marketing Manager. Cristina Perkins, Toyota Marketing Manager For the representative of the Japanese brand. Sponsoring the Merca2.0 event aligns perfectly with its philosophy of continuous improvement. Since it seeks to generate a more human approach, as well as an engagement with. The media audience and “ achieve greater recall of the Toyota Brand in potential future consumers”. And it is that golf itself, in addition to promoting sports and a healthy life. Is a means of entertainment that brings people closer and unites them emotionally. Creating bonds for life, something that is of the utmost importance for Toyota.

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“It is the search for human, personal, different and fun interaction with the audience. With the aim of conveying a complete story and not just a broad message ,” says Perkins. The Marketing Manager emphasizes the benefit of sponsoring relevant events within the industry. Such as the Merca2.0 Golf Tournament, since large companies like Toyota always have to. Think about the impact that their collaboration generates in the short and long term. Either to your image or brand reputation, evaluating the KPIs of both parties and determining the return on your investment. Once it is verified that the brand strategy and objectives are align with the event, says. Cristina Perkins, the sponsorship can be determine as efficient.

“ The main benefit identified (of sponsoring) is the achievement of new forms of communication and interaction. In addition to reaching new audiences to achieve greater recall of the message or, where appropriate. Recall of the main benefits of Toyota products ”, determines the marketer. A few days before the social and sporting event takes place. Toyota is committ to personalizing its reach among the readers of. And achieving a powerful closeness between the brand and the consumer. Something that its participation in the Second Golf Tournament will certainly be able to promote. As part of its creative and dissemination strategies in Mexico.

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