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Many of them when i worked on the client side earlier in my career. Just buy email lists. And they’d dump them through some filter first and then start emailing. When you continue to do that. When you send to a poor list of emails. When you consistently email people who’ve bounced. When you email people who’ve unsubscribed. It negatively affects your sender score and your reputation as an email sender. And it affects your ability to land in the inboxes of people who do want to receive your content. Even people who’ve opted in. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time.

For information on how to unsubscribe check out our privacy policy. Boasting an enviable number of people in your database is great. But not if a large percentage have invalid email addresses. If your emails are not getting delivered (that is. Bouncing). Your list might need cleaning. It’s important to know that high bounce rates can also affect your ability to reach the inboxes of contacts who are highly engaged and interested in your content. If you have high email bounce rates and don’t know exactly how to go about cleaning up your database — or are worried about deleting potentially valuable contacts.

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Talk to me about why this is important and why you have this topic on your mind. Stephanie baiocchi. This topic has been important to me for much of my career because some companies. You’re not alone. I sat down General Manager Email List with impact’s resident email deliverability master stephanie baiocchi – who works as our director of audience engagement and community – to learn about the best tools and best practices for email contact list hygiene. John becker. When we approached you about doing an interview. The idea of list hygiene and deliverability of emails came up — and it came up from you.

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People who read your content every day. They’ll stop getting your emails in their inbox if you can’t keep your deliverability rate in check. Jb. It kind of feels like you’re sacrificing other metrics for the sake of one metric — the size of your list. Sb. Yes. And that’s just it. What good is it to say we have a subscriber base of 100.000 contacts if only 20.000 actually open the emails consistently? You’re also damaging your ability to continue to send emails. So. If nothing else. For that reason it’s bad. Also. If you’re truly sending good email. You’re a/b testing things.

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You’re testing subject lines. You’re testing content. Bulk sending to bad lists means you’re muddying up your metrics with people who were never going to open your email in the first place. You’re not getting an accurate representation of the things you are testing if half your list is junk to begin with. Jb. But there are certainly companies who don’t buy email lists and still have this issue of list hygiene and deliverability. Sb. Absolutely. Everyone is going to experience this. Even the most well-kept email list is going to experience natural attrition over time because people leave jobs. Companies rebrand or merge. Email domains are constantly changing and. Frankly.

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