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It is important that you (as a team) step out of your ‘echo room’ and really seek out dissenting opinions and sincerely listen to them. To really engage in the thought experiment, what the process or result would look like if you went that UK WhatsApp Number List another way. It is the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset. You should try to stimulate both the team and the individual to look at things differently.

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And also to literally do things differently. The leader must also offer that space to experiment. To evaluate openly and constructively after such an experiment to what extent this was a real success and why. Dare to make mistakes: set a good example! It is easy to say that there is a need to reflect.

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There has to be an open culture. A culture in which everyone is willing to look at themselves and each other. And where everyone feels safe and trusts the people around him or her, including the leader, enough. If this trust isn’t there, the employee is more likely to go into their shell and stay and let fear rule their actions.

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