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Delivering content with inaccurate personalization is much worse than having no personalization at all. Duplicate records tend to be a snapshot of a moment in time. If you have two records for the same customer. One might be from when they first discovered your company and one from when they were making their buying decision. You want to deliver completely different messages to customers who are at different stages in the buying cycle.

A lack of a single customer view is perhaps the most detrimental aspect of duplicate data. The different records may receive updates separately. Resulting in an incomplete picture of the journey that each customer took. Which reduces how effectively you can speak to them. 78% of consumers will only engage with offers if they have been personalized. Taking into account their previous interactions with a company. 3. Duplicate data hinders personalization customers expect personalization.

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You have to have clean. Accurate data. If you aren’t doing it well. You Board Members Email List can bet that you are losing business to your competitors that are. It’s a staple of any effective modern marketing campaign. 67% of companies rely on crm data to help them target and segment customers. 77% of consumers report that they have paid more for a product that offers a personalized experience. Without confidence in the accuracy of your data. It’s difficult to inject personalization into all aspects of your business.

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Part of personalization is understanding what your customers want to hear and when they want to hear it. When you have duplicate data throughout your hubspot. Salesforce. Or marketo databases. It can truly throw a wrench in that effort. A great message delivered at the wrong time will miss the mark or go unheard. Data-driven personalization_0 source. Acquia 4. Mistakes harm brand perception mistakes that come from duplicate data can harm the way that prospects and customers see your business. Sending the same person the same campaign two or three times is annoying at best and perception-altering at worst.

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When you send communications to a prospect with inaccurate data. Your automation efforts become extremely transparent in the eyes of the customer. Everyone loves personalization. But only when it is invisible. To be invisible. It has to be right. Duplicate data doesn’t just harm prospects when they interact with your company leading up to their purchase. It can affect the messaging they receive throughout their time as a customer. In conclusion, Those small mistakes add up. It may lead to your customers feeling like they are being overlooked. And no customer wants to feel that way.

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