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Another specific metric i like to look at in this view is time spent on-page. Screen shot 2019-03-28 at 10.27.17 am i like to see this number go up over time (as shown above). Because that means the content is valuable to folks who are visiting it. If this number is always really low — less than a minute — and you have a high bounce rate. You probably have content on your hands that does not address the needs or intent of the people who are searching for that term.

All of our pillars are completely ungated. No one has to submit their email to read an entire content pillar. The downloadable option we provide is only meant to be helpful. So. Every new lead conversion — or reconversion of an existing lead — we get is a bonus.) this particular pillar is a workhorse that brings in steady organic and direct traffic. Month-over-month. I spend a lot of time looking at this view for the first 90 days after a pillar launches.

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All i need to do is tweak some of the on-page optimization — playing with the title or the h1s. Etc. If that doesn’t work. Then i take a look at the cluster and my linking strategy. Because this will tell me if Australia Accountant Email Lists something is broken at the core of my topic cluster. Depending on how quickly the great google machine moves. It can sometimes take a couple of weeks for organic traffic to start ticking upward. If. However. I don’t see that eventual pick-up of organic traffic. I know i’ve got a problem — and that’s something i’ve had to address. Often. Australia Accountant Email Lists

The avoid that issue. Here is my process for crafting the perfect individual pillar content strategy. Finally. Don’t forget the “soft” victories there are two other things i look for in pillar content to call it a success. Someone from our sales team — or multiple members from our sales team. Ideally — say that what we’ve created is an insanely valuable piece of sales enablement content they will start using immediately. Every impacter is able to use the link to a content pillar they wrote as a way to connect with people they’ve met at events. Speaking engagements. And so on. For example.

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Impact client success specialist myriah anderson shared that — after she participated in a saleshacker webinar as a speaker — she had an influx of connection requests and messages on linkedin. Since we always put an author box on each pillar. Like so… Screen shot 2019-03-28 at 7.44.17 am …myriah was able to send a link to her video for sales guide as a follow-up to those who connected with her. It appeared more personal and relevant because her name and delightful face were on it.

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