Tablets will eventually unseat the traditional computer in 2015

2015 will be the year of tablets, according to Gartner , whose data dates this year to the turning point in which these smart displays will finally be able to surpass traditional computers.

The defeat of the pc against the Latvia Mobile Database tablets will be effective on a global level. Gartner indicates that in 2015, the number of tablets will experience spectacular growth, taking it from 256 million in 2014 to 321.

A milestone thanks to which it will be imposed on computers, both in its desktop and portable versions; whose most optimistic figures place them at 317 million. For its part, the number of smartphones will maintain its growth rate, reaching close to 2 billion units next year (1.94 billion), compared to 1.86 billion in 2014.

What are the main factors of this growth?

Tablets stand out for being the perfect hybrid between the smartphone and the computer. On the one hand, they have the usability and ease of use of smartphones. Which, together with the functionalities and possibilities of the computer, make it the preferred device for adults and adults. Latvia Mobile Database

On the one hand, digital natives have found these tablets to be their main source of content and entertainment. The report published at the end of June by the NPD Group indicated that 59% of households with children between the ages of 2 and 12 have one of these smart displays. A percentage that has increased from the 50% registered the previous year.

Online connectivity by these users is practically total, especially in the case of older children. 92% of those who have already reached the age of 12 access the internet from home, an activity to which they dedicate 1 hours per week.

Likewise, adults have managed to break down a large part of their technological barriers thanks to these smart screens. Its larger size and intuitive use has favored the so-called golden age consumers launching themselves onto the internet and social networks. In April, the Pew Research study indicated that among Golden Age users, tablets prevail over smartphones. 27% of them have their own tablet or e-book reader, while only 18% own a smartphone.

Tablets have also become a top-notch Brother Cell Phone List tool for shopping online. The data provided in June by Rakuten, which reflected the trends on mcommerce in 14 different markets, indicated that the use of tablets for shopping increased 41.9% during the past year; while, in the case of smartphones, this growth was barely 9.7%. On average, 6.1% of customers prefer to buy online with their tablet. A percentage that is close to matching that of smartphones (6.8%).

Therefore, the balance is deciding on the side of the tablets, a trend that has been growing gradually in recent years, and which is already a consolidated reality.

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