Reverse Cell Phone Number Listings – Is Anything Personal Anymore?

Remember the days Benin Telefoonnummerlijst when you could keep everything personal about yourself? You could request that your phone number didn’t appear in the local phone book, have your number made completely personal and not show anyone when ringing out and generally keep your personal details just that – personal. These days it would appear that it is harder than ever to do that especially with things such as background checks, credit checks, criminal checks and reverse cell phone number listings. It would seem as if there is no way to get away from your past no matter how much you try to hide it and this can make life rather difficult indeed.

When you apply for a new job or to rent a new apartment, did you know that the potential landlord/lady or employer can check practically anything about you just using your cell phone number with the help of services such as reverse cell phone number listings? Just by putting your number into a website and then maybe paying for the search, (some sites offer this for free but very few will give detailed results back) they can find anything they like about you.

A half decent website will even offer additional services about the person that is registered to the cell phone such as a criminal check or a credit check which means that from your cell phone number alone, there is nothing that you can keep private. If you have ever had money troubles, it can go against you if you try to rent an apartment. If you struggled to hold down a job an employer can see this from an employment check and decide not to hire you and if you have ever been in trouble with the law, you are pretty much stuck.

All of this from using reverse cell phone number listings to search for details on you. Even if they do not use reverse cell phone number listings to find information about you, they can still search on the internet and find out snippets of information from social networking sites. It’s almost as if you have no right to keep personal details private anymore and if you have had any issues in the past, it might be worth being honest about them.

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