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What will change and when? The Slovenia Phone Number changes that Google announced specifically relate to the terms Phrase Match (to be broadened) and Broad Match Modified (to disappear), as we know and use them today. The changes take place in two phases, depending on your language. The BMM keywords then function the same as Phrase Match keywords. This is expected to be fully implemented in April. Phase 2, from Slovenia Phone Number June 2021: all other languages ​​will be provided with the same update.

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Google expects to complete Slovenia Phone Number this in July. In July 2021: Once the updates are rolled out globally, you will no longer be able to enter/upload new BMM keywords in Google. Search term vs keyword Previously, Phrase Match keyword groups differed from BMM keywords Slovenia Phone Number because with Phrase Match word order was important. In this context, I will first explain the difference between a keyword and a search term. A search term is the word or phrase a user enters when searching on Google or any of the other platforms in the search network. Further on, in the context of automation/smart bidding, I use the term search term. Because Slovenia Phone Number with smart bidding, Google can adjust the bid at the search term level.

Slovenia phone number

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A keyword can match multiple search Slovenia Phone Number terms and Google can use a different bid for each keyword. First back to the keyword. A keyword is the word or phrase that Google advertisers (now) set for a particular ad group to target their ads to customers. The word order no longer matters. Moreover, BMM eventually disappears completely. Google explains it very well in this image: Google explanation of the change Slovenia Phone Number Why Google’s Timeline Matters How does this change compare to other updates Google has made in the past?

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