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Which is the right call for you? If you have a subdomain. Should you have track holistically alongside your primary domain data? Or should you have it off on its own google analytics island. For reporting purposes? Deciding how to report your primary and subdomain data in google analytics “if you have two separate sites. You will want to track those separately.” dan says. “yes. There may be a case where a subdomain falls into this category of separate reporting data. But you shouldn’t be looking at google analytics to give you the answer.

Regardless as to whether you use hubspot or not. “the most common reason people see this discrepancy in their google analytics data is that they’re not properly tracking their data cross multiple domains. If you have a straightforward company with no subdomains or hubspot outliers. You won’t have this problem.” says dan. Sometimes this may be because a primary domain and its subdomain are being tracked separately. Instead of one collective whole.

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They want to know the separation between those things.” and then there are other cases where someone might forget to track their pesky little subdomain(s) entirely. Which. Hey… It happens. Dan notes there are cases Chairman Email Lists where this makes sense. “google tracks youtube (a google property) separately from other google sites in their reporting data because they’re separate entities. It’s a separate site. They want the information. They want to know about the referrals that are coming from youtube to google or google to youtube. Vice versa.

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How you decide to track this data (together or separately) is a business decision.” to explain what he means. We’ll use impact as an example. Impact’s website is hosted on hubspot. (we do this for a variety of reasons.) our publication (“blog”) isn’t hosted on a subdomain. As most are traditionally. But we do have subdomains such as for our landing pages and offers. We view the efforts across our primary domain. Our publication . And our downloadable offers as a single effort. And thus we track them together as one holistic set of reporting data in google analytics.

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As we do in hubspot. We do have one subdomain. However. That we’ve carved out to track separately — the “microsite” for our digital sales and marketing agency services. Which is found at for us. It’s a different part of our business. And thus we want to track all of the traffic and conversions from that separately. In short. How you choose to bundle and silo out your primary and subdomain data in google analytics comes down to whether or not you view what’s happening on those domains as “a single effort” or not. To use dan’s words.

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