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When the governor of Bangkok, Loopers launche a marketing campaign for customers to use workworkwork discount codes. When Blackpink release Pink Venom, Loopers made content with photos that if they wante to dress up like the 4 lead singers of Blackpink, what would they wear? Through bundles available for sale on the Loopers platform. By Loopers, real-time content production secrets are not about speeing up day-to-day content production. But it’s already For example, in the case of the Pink Venom theme song, Loopers has been following the news and planning ahead to use this content idea. In addition, Loopers also make content that is not too focuse on sales. To make customers feel familiar and trust the brand, for example, Twitter has poste content on.

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How to take care of your own clothes to wear for a long time” This content is quite popular. Customer feeback is a valuable gift for business owners. The length of the Loopers business has come close to one year. Khun Ke will check customer feeback from various social meia on a regular basis, so that he can apply his advice and develop his business on a Cambodia Phone Number regular basis. What’s interesting is that Loopers has never hire an influencer. but with care in every process Therefore, customers tend to send positive feeback. along with words of encouragement in the form Always User-Generate Content Khun Golf adde that being so impresse with the Loopers platform, more than 80% of customers made a second purchase with an average shopping cart size that was three times larger.

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Thoughtful website design is the key to driving sales. Loopers designs websites that meet the nees of users in terms of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). Let’s take a look at how Loopers care about website design. base on the ease of use List Provider of customers, for example: Customers can choose who they want to buy second-hand clothes from. by referring to the style of dressing that they like If you want to shop by brand, Loopers sortsby AZ so that customers can find the brand they want quickly and easily.

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