The Most Used Social Networks in Latin America

That of taking the cell phone at all times to check what is happening with the world on social networks, has become a routine that accompanies my day to day when I wake up, when I have lunch, when I go for a walk, when I even wait for the arrival of someone. plus.

It is only now that I am aware of such a practice. However, I know very well that more than one person must have already realized that she is immersed in this habit just like me.

The days continue to pass since such an idea was conceived in my mind. And in short, I can conclude that I feel that it is inevitable for me not to follow my activities without checking social networks with some frequency.

And it is that, to tell the truth, I am always feeling motivated to find news that can later be useful to me in an upcoming meeting with my friends or with my co-workers.

As I mentioned before, I know I’m not the only one who lives by their cell phone or their social networks. Starting because it is clear that for some this virtual environment has become a way of subsistence that there is no turning back.

Now, the question that arises in me is:


What happened so that social networks are now part of our daily lives?

And more knowing that not so many years have passed since they were created and we can no longer even remember our lives before their creation.

Well, it’s an exaggeration. For my part, I can remember what our daily lives were like before the networks were implemented. However, what I do have clear is that now it is difficult for me to conceive the rest of our social development without them.

This is how today we dedicate UK Phone Number ourselves not only to making the existence of social networks possible. But also to build around them our ways of communicating, informing ourselves, entertaining ourselves, thinking and behaving.


The beginning of social networks

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To answer the question posed in a couple of previous paragraphs. It only remains to say that the boom began with the creation, first. Of computers and, second, of the internet.

The internet, for its part, brought with it a proposal in which it was precisely. Necessary to create an information network that was accessible to a certain group of people.

Little by little, the internet began to respond to a perhaps more important. Call and that was to respond to man in his need to become social, and for this. He created platforms in which groups of people could interact with each other. Not only to nurture the information, but to create strong interpersonal relationships no. Matter where in the world they were located.