Will PFP be the future of digital collections?

A netizen named Mr.703 received more than 730 coins for free when Crypto Punks was first launched, and it would be worth 600 million now. He has realized hundreds of millions of assets, and currently has one or two hundred left.

He succeeded in monetizing his Poland Phone Number cognition, and I paid for my cognition.

At the beginning of 2018, I saw an alert about Crypto Celebrities (encrypted celebrity) in Golden Finance, and quickly asked my friend to transfer 33.6 ETH to me, and then bought the most expensive “V God” and “Satoshi Nakamoto” on the platform. Photo, this is the second NFT project I have played after Crypto Kitties.

PFP is not the most popular product, and everyone prefers “hot potato” model products with strong financial attributes.

Then Crypto Countries (crypto countries) appeared, and I also participated in it. At that time, the market sentiment was very FOMO, and a friend even spent millions on the most expensive country.

The number of Crypto Celebrities and Crypto. Countries is only about 200. At that time, I thought that the smaller the number of projects, there must be a lot of room for growth in the future.

Then I collected the total number of krypto wars is only 100, the ETH map is only 178, and the. Crypto AV is less than 100. There are some other NFT projects, the total amount is relatively small.Poland phone number

In the end, kryptowar went bankrupt, the encryption country ran away, the encryption celebrity RUG disappeared

And the encryption cat disappeared. Instead, my least favorite cypherpunk became well known. This taught me a deep lesson.

My investment logic has found a change, and it has evolved to be precise. From the previous single-minded thinking, it has become a multi-dimensional view of investment.

Just a small number does not necessarily mean that it is valuable. It made me realize that the quantity is only one of the factors that affect the price, and the power of consensus is the most powerful. In the days that followed, I had enough interest to pay attention to the development of PFP.