How to Research and Select the Right Keywords for Your Business

And while it’s harder and more expensive to rank for the most popular keywords (those with the highest search volume), you can find keywords that are relevant to your niche and a little easier to rank for.

There are also different types of Belgium Phone Number keywords to consider. Let’s discuss two of them here:

Longtail Keywords:
The reason long tail keywords work for a medical clinic is that they are much more specific than shorter ones and show greater user intent. So, for example, someone looking for a “cardiology clinic in New York” is likely to visit one in the near future.

Location-specific keywords:
A person living in New York would not search for “eye clinic”. Instead, they’ll search for something along the lines of “eye clinic in New York.” So you should try to rank for location-based keywords.

But where exactly to search for these keywords? Here are some of the best tools you can opt for:



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Google AdWords – Keyword Planner
You can find other great options here.

For a more detailed guide to keyword research for a medical clinic, go to this awesome resource.

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Ultimate Guide: 

Keyword Research: A Guide to Improving Your Google Rankings

Treat yourself to local SEO

– Local keywords
The first thing to do is to incorporate local keywords into your text. We told you about it above.

– Google My Business
listing Another very important thing to do is to create a Google My Business or GMB listing.

What a GMB listing does is that it manages your presence on the search engine, as well as Google Maps.

So when someone searches for your clinic online, they immediately get all your basic contact details on the right side of your page. They also see your location on Google Maps, so you’ve made it easy for them to visit you during a difficult time.