As we have already explained dynamo allows you to add more

Programming environment”, through which a sequence of instructions can be create to obtain a “type of study”. “revit 2021.1 dynamo 2.6 installed”. Retrieved on september 1, 2020 from when using generative design we can start from two positions: use an existing “type of study” or create a new one. To create a new “study type” we will use dynamo, for use with generative design in revit later. If you want to know more, you can consult: “ generative design for the author of dynamo ”.

If you want to know more

But you can also start from an “existing study type”, when installing revit, some study types are stored in the following path on our computer: c:\users\(user)\documents\aec generative design, among which are you can Latvia Phone Number find according to autodesk (2020) (4): “three box mass” , which allows optimizing the floor area of ​​adjacent buildings. “maximize window views” allows us to create design alternatives to obtain a room with good views, through the use of objectives such as: maximize the angle or the point of view. “presentation of the workspace” , allows

As we have already explained, dynamo allows

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to obtain the alternatives to create different workspaces, being able to use as objectives: the number of tables that we need, distances between the tables or the quality of the views of each workstation. “random placement of objects ”, allows you to generate alternatives for the placement of objects in a specific space. “grid object placement” , this type of study can be used to create alternatives to placing objects in a space through the use of grids.

How to create a study? Autodesk (2020) (5) recommends the following steps: choose. The “type of study” , in the “manage” tab, in “generative design” and in “create study”. The available types study are shown (those previously shown). As we have already explained, dynamo allows you to add more study types to help solve unique design problems. Choose the method , that is, the algorithm, which determines the logic used to generate the design alternatives. Selecting the model elements to be use can be inputs to the design process. These elements must already exist in the model. Establish the objectives and restrictions, these parameters affect the operation of the

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