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When it comes to facebook and google reporting. Neither is lying. It’s just that neither is showing you the entire picture because they both are inherently biased.” exactly. I can’t tell you how many conversations and analytics sessions i’ve had with my cohort. Jason linde. Impact’s resident google ads strategist. On this topic. “most of the time i see clients utilize google analytics unpacked ‘as-is.’ not fully understanding that it is up to them to feed google analytics data back that helps the platform to better understand their specific business model.” said jason. “this means that both clients and agencies need to work together on setting goals.

This isn’t the reason why the metrics are different. But it is the reason we will never see the platforms have cohesive reports. One of my colleagues. Jason portnoy (who has a fantastic podcast with a who’s who lineup of the digital marketing world). Explained. “you’ll never reconcile the two until both platforms merge reporting (which will never happen). You can get close. But [they’ll] never be 100% accurate and identical. I’ve gone through this way more times than needed. I’ve spoken to some of the top facebook marketers and some of the top google marketers.

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Let’s start at the beginning— facebook and google analytics are competitors they both have ad space to sell you and they both want you to think their platform delivers the most return. Now Filtering out bad data and VP Audit Email Lists finding that attribution model that best fits their buyer’s journey. If you are not filtering your funnel to what matters most. Then what are you optimizing for?” given this is a hot button for many of my mentors and peers throughout the facebook. Instagram. And google ads universe. I thought it would be interesting to get their take on the matter too.

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And both sides say the same.” both platforms want to paint themselves in the most positive light and with good reason. Both have their benefits and can deliver results. “if the client is running display [google ads] and facebook [ads]. Google tracking becomes critical.” said curt maly. One of my mentors and co-founder of black box social media. “if your objective is to bring in straight-up customers. Top-of-funnel. With little to no retargeting… I would go off of facebook stats. If there is a lot of traffic that is warm that i’m retargeting (including their email lists)…

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I’ll want to compare facebook tracking and google.” note. Curt said “compare”—not use one over the other. In other words. We need to look at both to easily see what’s working. What’s not. And where to put more budget. We’re all in this together sometimes. There is so much data for you to sift through. You can feel paralyzed. Knowing what to monitor and where to get the details from is no easy task. The entire digital marketing ecosystem needs to work together as a single buyer’s journey is rarely one-touch. It usually includes campaigns or content from a variety of sources.

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