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Excel hack with which, he assures, up to two hours of work can be saved, being a more efficient employee, without the need to work large amounts of time . Within labor practices, it is common to find a way to execute all kinds of tasks more efficiently, seeking to automate processes, reducing the time spent and thus improving productivity; However, sometimes it is difficult to know all those processes, hacks , or strategies that allow you to perform more effective tasks , which is why the community immersed in networks usually consults creatives who provide this type of content, with the intention of learning everything. kind of strategies and tricks.

Within the basic package that every professional, student and society in general should know, is the basic package that different developers usually provide, such as word processors, such as Word or Pages, as well as a basic aspect, which Not everyone spends their time understanding what “spreadsheet” type programs are like Excel, which allows you to perform all kinds of operations with numbers organized in a grid. 00:05 / 00:35 00:09 / 00:35 Excel hack with which you can save work time The digital platform and social network TikTok , the user known as @ superexcel , usually shares all kinds of content in relation to the.

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Excel spreadsheet-type work program, in which C Level Executive List usually shows effective tricks with which the user experience is improved within the program, in addition to facilitating various tasks, such as the one that points out that an enormous amount of time can be saved by knowing just a couple of commands to carry out a function that allows, in this case, to generate a large number of emails just by using a couple of keys and a correct procedure. Within the short video, what is suggested as a conversation is shown in which it is specified that you can save up to a couple of hours.

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By knowing the precise command that automates functions such as automatically generating a large number of emails. This in a simulated situation, as it is present within TikTok. And where it is pointed out that the key to success for this hack is the combination of keys such as. Control + SHIFT + E. In the same way within TikTok, it shows that a function must put before carry out the hack so that. Is carry out correctly, in the same way. It must pointed out that the effectiveness of the hack is unknow. As well as its functionality within the different operating systems that currently exist. What is known is that knowing this type of strategy improves the job perspective of users. Since it improves work time. Making it more efficient and allowing not to have highly accelerated workloads and Fair in terms of delivery time.

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Although the great trend that has been generate as a result of mandatory social distancing is online commerce. Although in Mexico, there is still a large percentage of people. Who decide to go in person to make purchases from their pantry.  It is estimate that within the national territory, there are at least 50.7 million digital consumers. There are just over 329 public markets in Mexico within Mexico City. The active community within social networks usually occupies the different. Platforms with the intention of publicizing everything related to shopping experiences.

As well as recommendations and hacks with which consumers can save on their purchases. Is the example of a tiktoker, who within a short video, gives a sample of. What bought with 250 pesos, within two chain stores, famous in Mexico and in the popular market. The user of the social network TikTok @ nuevosadultos . Usually gives advice to those who are looking for. A guide on what life is like when starting to become independent. So within its content it is possible to find various tips with. Which life as an independent adult could be less chaotic.

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