“Many companies are closing but many opportunities are emerging. Ecommerce is growing and I want everyone to see the new opportunities and mobile no details india  the ones that are long term. Online commerce is growing and money is moving digital. Migrating to that universe in the long term is the best decision ”. About your free course “It’s called Ecommerce Unlocked and it teaches you how to drive traffic to your ecommerce, how you can optimize conversions, mobile no details india  have more sales, sell via IG and FB and much more.” How a business can go digital “You can keep it simple. Start on shopping sites like Amazon, focus on the SEO of your content and pay for Ads. Use all the channels that can make you profit. It’s not just about paying for ads, it’s about content, taking courses, doing SEO. You have to do a lot of tests, not look at the competition, because mobile no details india what worked for them may not work for you. Experimenting and testing is very important ”. Hire an agency or use internal talent? “There are not correct or incorrect answers. Some companies use both. You have to find what works mobile no details india for your company, what is right for your brand and your business ”. About the tools Tools make life easier. If you want to make a lot of money, use the tools, do more in less time and for less

money. To automate emails, research keywords or keywords, website analysis. About Tik Tok “At first I thought that companies weren’t going to use it but now I see a lot of companies there. It is so popular that mobile no details india there is no other option, although no one knows if it will continue to work in the United States. I have an account, but I haven’t created much content, I already have a lot of content on other platforms ”. How to start marketing for my personal brand “If you are just starting out, the most valuable skill is mobile no details india SEO. In this way, if you do not have ads, you will still have traffic on your website and in the long term you will mobile no details india continue to have traffic. You can take a course like SEO Unlocked and learn more ”. Steps for good SEO Have your own website Choose a niche or target audience Use

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keyword mobile no details india research or keyword search tools to find out what is popular in your industry. Find the ones that are most popular and most searched and use them in your content. Publish and promoteon social networks. Share by email. Find those topics on social networks and know what is being said, what is trending. mobile no details india Research your competition and their links. About his Cornerstone Method “When I go to write a text for my blog, the first thing I do is look for a popular headline. Then I write an engaging and engaging introduction that offers a solution, an improvement with various mobile no details india tips. Then I do the subtitles for each tip. list provider I keep the sentences short, I include videos and images. I do everything to make that text feel like a conversation. I mention other pages and link to my own site. I let people on other sites know that I mentioned them either by mail or . “

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