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Use catchy content According to Honduras Phone Number M2Media ‘s forecast , in 2021 the products will become the heroes of the campaign and discount will be the main trigger for spontaneous purchases. But how do you stand out? Use persuasive texts in your ads by writing them in an engaging and persuasive way. Make your content fun and engaging by processing interactions. For example, add a Honduras Phone Number countdown sticker in your stories, use the shopable stickers and the swipe-up or link sticker. Combine and match organic and paid content. This way you are recognizable to the consumer.

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Do what suits your brand Black Friday is Honduras Phone Number not equally interesting for every brand and some brands choose not to participate in the madness at all. For example, do you not sell products, or do you choose not to participate in this from a different point of view? Then it can be interesting to Honduras Phone Number scale down your campaigns or sometimes turn them off completely to avoid high costs. Key take-aways for social media during Black Friday 2021 Here are the key take-aways for you to use social media successfully in 2021: Start your campaign on time and let your target audience know that there will be Black Friday deals. For Honduras Phone Number example, collect e-mail addresses in advance, so that you can be sure during the days that you reach your target group.

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Don’t let your discount promotion Honduras Phone Number start too late. Many retailers start a few days before Black Friday. The later you start, the more likely it is that the consumer’s money has already been spent elsewhere. Buy your reach & frequency campaign on time! Make use of shopable content with Instashops, so that your target group can easily purchase the products. You can also use Honduras Phone Number dynamic product ads. Give your target group a helping hand by inspiring them with suitable gift guides in which your products are shown. And share it in different ways on your channels such as stories and guides. Or use it as a topic of conversation in a Honduras Phone Number live video. Discount remains the main trigger for a spontaneous purchase.

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