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I am very curious if the outcome is different than. If you do not go through the cycle and act directly on feeling. Will you share it in the comments below? Integrity leadership and reputation management The ethical cycle is described in the book ‘Doing the Bahrain WhatsApp Number List right thing when no one is looking’ by Frank Peters. In the book, Peters discusses his step-by-step plan for integrity leadership and managing your reputation.

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Because society exerts great pressure on organizations and their employees. Society is the jury, judge, and executioner in one. It is no longer sufficient to keep to agreements, laws, and regulations. It revolves around the expectations and values ​​and standards of internal and external stakeholders. To meet this, the ethical and ethical behavior of the organization require.

Bahrain WhatsApp Number List
Bahrain WhatsApp Number List

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Integrity is crucial in building and maintaining a strong reputation. Doing the right thing with moral dilemmas is part of this. The book is of interest to executives, senior management, and other colleagues involved in reputation management. Peters not only shares his own view on what it means to do the right thing. But also that often leading Dutch philosophers, scientists, and thinkers. In the field of ethics.

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