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For more information: Lead Generation Strategies: The Definitive Guide for Agencies 4. How to create automated reports for your clients Creating reports is one of the most difficult tasks for any agency. Not only does it take time. but it is very complicated to manage all the data from social media campaigns. Google Ads and the web. Considering the number of metrics required. the margin of error is relatively high. img-semblog The My Reports tool solves all of these problems. When you go to create a report. you can export all the data you need from any Semrush tool (or even directly from Google Analytics.

Google Search Console. Facebook Ads and Google My Business) and insert it into the PDF as a dynamic widget. Once you have generated the report. the data of each widget will be updated automatically. Therefore. you only need to configure it once. img-semblog gifs As we have already mentioned. My Reports also allows you to schedule your client reports (or your internal reports) daily. weekly or monthly. You can also save your reports as templates and reuse them for other clients (or use Semrush’s pre-built templates). If you’re an Agency Growth Kit user . you can include your logo. create unbranded reports (add your company logo and header to our data).

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And use our advanced settings. img-semblog gifs Jordan phone number How to organize your customer data in a KPI dashboard It is much easier and more efficient to combine all customer data in the same interface. In this way. you will be able to have an overview of your clients’ website. without having to use different platforms. With Semrush. you can configure the following dashboards: SEO Dashboard – A collection of widgets containing overview reports of the most used Semrush SEO tools. You can integrate the panel with Google Analytics and Google Search Console to feed real-time data into Semrush. Social Dashboard – An overview of advertising and posting details for each of your projects’ campaigns. as well as metrics from Facebook. Instagram.

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Project Dashboard – A collection of widgets with important data from your current projects. including health scores. campaigns. visibility. social media data. etc. 6. How to activate notifications of the performance of your marketing campaign Instead of manually checking every element of a project’s performance. it’s easier (and more efficient) to get automatic email notifications. Semrush allows you to receive recurring notifications for a variety of scenarios . including: Completion of your site audit. If you have a large website. site audits can take a considerable amount of time. Whether you’re completing an audit or have set up recurring audits and want to stay in the loop. the Site Audit tool keeps you informed.

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You can also set up email notifications to stay up to date with the current state of your technical SEO health. Completion of a backlink audit. Same as above. but for your backlink audits! You can also receive automated emails detailing the current status of your backlink profile. Position Tracking Updates. Instead of manually reviewing your keyword rankings. Semrush can automate the process and keep you updated on a weekly basis. As we have already mentioned. you can set up email notifications whenever your position (or the position of your competitors) changes. On-page SEO ideas and updates. On Page SEO Checker is a tool that offers you a wide variety of SEO-related ideas on how to improve the podium of your website (or that of your clients).

You can use it to set up campaigns and receive reports on a regular basis. Brand mentions. As we have mentioned. the Brand Monitoring tool monitors the mentions of your brand (or that of your clients). You can choose to receive notifications when it happens and it’s especially useful if. For example. you’re running a seasonal campaign. Link generation progress. You can also keep up with your link building progress in the Link Building Tool. 7. How to automate the management of your clients Semrush not only allows you to take advantage of automation from a technical point of view. You can also automate the tasks of your clients. For example. with the Client Manager tool .

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